Rhinestones in Fashion

It’s true that once upon a time the only place you’d find rhinestones in current fashion was if you were watching a runway show somewhere around Dallas, TX or Santa Fe, NM. Gone are the days of Western wear being the only outlet for sparkly fashions!

Rhinestones from http://rhinestonecamsmachines.com, sequins and spangles are showing up every part of the fashion world and it’s not just the apparel decorating industry that is responsible.

The Cultural Invasion that Brings a little Bling

The past 10 years has seen a large number of immigrants from India enter the United States to pursue a wide variety of careers. From the proliferation of Indian restaurants and cuisine, local cultural festivals and popularity of Bollywood films, you can tell they’re bringing a rich culture with them as well. Tampa, Florida even hosted the annual Bollywood Film Awards this year, a kind of Oscars for the that genre. Many of the attendees were absolutely radiant in brightly colored saris covered in sequins and rhinestones!

Our history is full of these waves of immigration, and the food and fashion influences that come with them. This most recent trend is welcome for those of us that love bling as there is a proliferation of Indian influence in boutique fashion outlets all over the country.

Brands and Bling

One of the trendsetters that have made careful, but meaningful use of rhinestones and Rhinestuds like the kind offered by Rhinestone CAMS Machines by Coldesi in the past few years is Ed Hardy. This brand’s grip on the 25-35 y/o demographic is unquestioned in the fashion world, and its judicious use of bling is what put it on our list. You’ll see countless caps and shirts lightly embellished with rhinestones on the shelves of almost any high end retailer that carry the brand.

You’ll also find rhinestone designs in almost every women’s wear line including popular brands like Anne Taylor, and Guess. Victoria Secret’s “Love” heart shirt, covered in sequins, is just about everywhere you look!


It may have all started with an episode of Sex in the City, but now rhinestones are a regular feature of several brands of high end women’s shoes. It’s not just wedding shoes either! You can find rhinestones decorating the soles and straps of name brand shoes in almost every designer product line.

The aftermarket, apparel decorating industry has really excelled in bringing rhinestones to casual footwear. Many companies actually specialize in rhinestone decals that you can apply to the soles of your heels, or for the more casual wear oriented, can actually put rhinestones on the straps of sandals and flip flops. Want to make a $20 pair of heels look like $120 worth of shoes? Add rhinestones!

Rhinestones are now a permanent part of the fashion landscape in America. Once relegated to cowgirls and cheerleaders, there’s a much wider clientele enjoying the benefits of bringing a little bling to their wardrobe today.

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